Making Foam Blocks for Factory Use

Last year I started a company that makes car stereos. Having grown tired of the lackluster stereos on the market, I wanted something better, so I made my own. I created a prototype and with the help of a research and development team, I turned it into a final product. I needed to have polystyrene blocks to package the stereos with when I shipped them out, but cutting each block was more time consuming than I wanted. In order to solve this problem, I purchased an EPS machine that could mold blocks to the exact shape I needed.

I could have paid some company to make the blocks for my specifications, but I felt that it was a better option to make them in house and save time and money. Ordering custom blocks from a company would have introduced a slight delay in shipping time, and I would have to rely on a steady stream of block shipments into the factory. Any kind of delay in that shipment would have halted the ability for my factory to get the stereos out of the door. Blocks that are made in house simply cut out the middle man and puts control in my hands. Once the blocks are formed from the machine, they are placed around the stereos and the whole thing is placed in boxes that are sealed and labeled.

I guess enough people felt the same way that I did about car stereos, because they’ve been buying the ones that I make. Sales were better than expected, with the holiday season being a high point for the company. I’m always looking for ways that the stereos can be improved. Software updates are issued frequently that give the customers more functionality. I’m always observing ways that production can be sped up to meet the demand of the customers.